Kent Wise


My Message

For over a decade I have motivated and trained thousands of individuals on how to: maximize their performance, reach their dreams, and achieve their potential to excel in any adverse situation.

Everyone has the potential to be excellent at something.

– Kent A. Wise


Kent Wise combines his spiritual and professional background to make him one of the most qualified keynote speaker and workshop leader for your conference, church and convention. For over a decade, Kent has spoken and conducted training for many diverse groups such as businesses, corporations, churches, and many educational institutions.


If taking your dreams, desires and visions to an elevated level is your goal, or if you’re in need of a greater commitment from those around you, then consider Kent for your Keynote Speaker or Workshop Leader. He will inspire and inform you with the skills needed to develop and maintain peak performance for you and your organization.

Success Coach

Having a hard time staying motivated? Staying focused? As a Success Coach, Kent is dedicated to providing the Inspiration and the Information to help individuals and organizations maximize their potential and productivity.


His topics ranging from Purpose, Character Development and Success. He’s dedicated to groups and individuals (youth and adults) discovering their purpose and improving the overall quality of their lives.