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    For over a decade Kent has motivated and trained thousands
    of individuals on how to: Maximize their Personal
    performance, Reach their Dreams, Fulfill their Potential and
    Excel in any adverse situation.
  • "Everyone has the potential to be
    excellent at something"

  • Business Programs

    "It doesn't matter what happens to you, but what's more
    important is what happens through you."
  • "Your positive attitude determines
    your altitude"

  • Kent Wise

    "Your dreams are yours to achieve
    but first you must believe"

Award Winning Speaker and Coach

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Kent Wise combines his spiritual and professional background to make him one of the most qualified keynote speaker and workshop leader for your conference, church and convention.

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Youth Programs

Are you having a hard time motivating your children, Are your students despondent? Many of our children struggle with tremendous peer pressures and many overwhelming challenges.

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Business Programs

This approach will help increase sales and production. During this seminar and coaching series you will get familiar with the

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Inspirational Speaker

If taking your dreams, desires and visions to an elevated level is your goal, or if you're in need of a greater commitment from those around you, then consider Kent for your Keynote Speaker or Workshop Leader. He will inspire and inform you with the skills needed to develop and maintain peak performance for you and your organization.

Success Coach

Having a hard time staying motivated? Staying focused? As a Success Coach, Kent is dedicated to providing the Inspiration and the Information to help individuals and organizations maximize their potential and productivity.

Youth Character Coach

Over the past five years Kent has presented and instructed to over 20,000 school age children on topics such as Leadership, Self-Esteem and his most sought after Anti-Bullying/Anti-Violence program, the S.T. O.P. program. Kent's programs have an audited 84% success rate and has been utilized across the United States.


Certified National Time to Teach Trainer at Time to Teach

Kent is motivated, enthusiastic, gifted, very concerned in helping others and himself in soaring to his and their highest potential of greatness. Kent is destined to succeed and is a true leader.


Burma worked with Kent...

Host & Producer of "HERE IT IS" Radio Talk Show

Kent was extremely helpful in speaking to teen fathers at a summit I sponsored last spring. His encouraging words were inspiring to all of the participants and they enjoyed participating. I would welcome Kent any time to speak to the youth.


Founder-STOP Anti Bullying
and Self Esteem Development

Relationship Expert/Author/TV/Radio Personality

Kent is a dynamic speaker and demonstrates excellence while presenting. His delivery of content is shared with insight, creativity and concise. I endore Kent Wise for any event or activity your are requesting.


working with Kent at Wise Enterprises


Dress for Success

Rotary Club of Cleveland

Boy Scouts of America®