Business Programs

This Power packed Series will increase your companies potential and production!

The E.A.G.L.E. Approach

This approach will help increase sales and production. During this seminar and coaching series you will get familiar with the:

  • The Five keys to success.
  • Develop and maintain great relationships.
  • Expand your special gifts and talents.
  • Empower yourself and others through adversity.
  • Keys to improve sales performance.
  • Strategies to increase staff morale.
  • Set and obtain realistic goals.
  • Develop the "Razor's Edge" advantage.
Discover your Purpose: The Five keys to Success

Do you struggle with understanding your purpose in life? Many are struggling with the discovery of their specific purpose and the true meaning of success. Many are asking, "What is true success? Or "what is my meaning?" In this presentation, Kent will:

  • Provide the five wisdom keys of Success.
  • Help you enrich or discover the power of Purpose and Destiny.
  • Help you discover the "one' thing you were born to do.
  • Show how you can empower yourself and others through any adversity.